Ford Expedition

  • As far as serious SUVs go, the Ford Expedition is particularly well-suited to off-roading. The Expedition is based off Ford's popular F-150 model, and shares the truck's transmission, chassis control systems, and towing ability. A V8 engine and all-wheel drive come standard. Ford fans can rely on the Expedition when it comes to getting extreme driving and towing. And you can rely on Levittown Ford for fixing up your car when the time comes. After your Expedition takes a beating, visit our online parts catalog. Our stock of high-quality Ford Expedition accessories and Ford Expedition OEM repair parts is second-to-none. We carry parts for the model years between 1997 and 2011, and we guarantee that everything we offer will fit your Expedition. Whether it's floor mats, wheels, the AC, or the steering wheel, we've got you covered. Levittown Ford prides itself on its ability to offer the best items at the lowest prices around.

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