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Ford Fusion Remote Start System - Bi-Directional

Ford Fusion Remote Start System - Bi-Directional
The ultimate convenience.
  • With Fords newest remote start system, there is no need to see the vehicle to know that it has started.
  • Simply press the start button and when the engine starts up, the button flashes green and the key fob beeps to confirm.
  • The system features Real Panic Sound, Progressive Car Find and can start/stop the engine from up to 1000.
  • Requires automatic transmission.
  • Not Available on vehicles equipped with "Intelligent Access with Push Button Start" feature.
  • Includes One Bi-Directional Keyfob and Interface Kit #4.4 (8L3Z-19G365-BA)
  • For an additional key fob please order DS7Z-15K601-G
  • Alternate Number: DS7Z19G364B

    View installation instructions: here.

    Model Year(s):
    2013 - 2016
    Part Number(s):
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