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Ford Racing Calibration Track Cal Mustang GT

Ford Racing Calibration Track Cal Mustang GT
TracKey and Track Cal are Ford Racing exclusive calibrations that provide added functionality to Mustang GT's with manual transmission.

Both calibrations include these exclusive features:

  • Driver adjustable Launch Control, or "2-step engine speed limiting"
  • Driver adjustable Pit Lane Speed Control
  • Lopey idle (we recommend Mustang GT side exhaust kit M-5220-MB to maximize the lopey idle experience)
  • Improved engine performance- Up to 60lb-ft at 1500rpm & peak increases of 16 hp and 7 lb-ft on 93 octane fuel
  • TracKey or Track Cal - Which is right for me?

    TracKey provides the customer a unique key that activates the calibration once it has been installed. TracKey is sold and installed exclusively through US and Canadian Ford and Lincoln Dealers. Special equipment and training is required to install TracKey. TracKey is available for some Mustang GT's with manual transmission.

    Track Cal is supplied via our exclusive Pro-Cal flash tool. It is always active but lopey idle can be turned off. Available for all Mustang GT's with manual transmission.

    How do TracKey and Track Cal work?

  • TracKey and Track Cal both contain exclusive calibration features designed for track use and derived from the same software algorithms and features employed in Ford Racing turn-key race cars such as the Boss 302R, Boss 302S, and Cobra Jet.

    Engine performance is similar to the calibration available in the Ford Racing M-FR1-MGTB kit and modifies several PCM parameters including:

  • Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing (TiVCT)
  • Engine braking
  • Ignition timing
  • Wide-Open Throttle fueling
  • Accelerator pedal map
  • Idle speed
  • Throttle response
  • TracKey and Track Cal for Mustang GT

    Alter several thousand lines of code and several hundred calibration parameters.

    Are the only calibrations of their type that have gone through the rigorous Ford Racing test procedures.

    Are a 50 state legal aftermarket engine performance software upgrade for the Mustang GT with Manual Transmission

  • Alternate Number: M14204MGTTC
    Model Year(s):
    2013 2014
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