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Ford F-150 Remote Start System - '11-'14 - Bi-Directional

Ford F-150 Remote Start System - \'11-\'14 - Bi-Directional
  • Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a pre-warmed or pre-cooled vehicle.
  • With Ford's newest remote start system, there is no need to see the vehicle to know that it has started. Simply press the start button and when the engine starts up, the button flashes green and the key fob beeps to confirm.
  • This handy Ford system can start or stop the engine from up to 1,000 feet away.
  • Parking lights flash to acknowledge command is received, and then remain on during the remote-start run time, which is customer-programmable.
  • Automatically activates heated/cooled seats and sets the heater or air conditioner to 72 degrees on the dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control if so equipped.
  • Includes a single bi-directional remote control to start or stop the engine.
  • Remote also features Real Panic Sound and Progressive Car Find.
  • Dealer installation recommended.

    Kit Includes:

  • DL3Z-15603-C
  • DL3Z-15K601-A
  • DA8Z-15603-A

  • Vehicle must be equipped with Vehicle Security System (DL3Z-19A361-A), sold separately.
  • Vehicle must be equipped with Remote Keyless Entry from the factory.
  • May require Hood Switch Kit BL3Z-19G366-A if vehicle not already equipped.

    View installation instructions: here.

    Model Year(s):
    2011 2012 2013 2014
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